Is it getting hotter in Tucson?


I’ve lived in good climate, and it bores the hell out of me.
I like weather rather than climate.John Steinbeck 1902-1968

I was curious about how much hotter it is in Tucson now than it used to be, so I pulled together historical temperatures from

We know Mother Nature’s seasonal calendar, but it’s doubtful that Mother Nature knows our Gregorian calendar, so I thought it wouldn’t make any difference which day of the month I chose to analyze.

Before going on, I should say that I’m neither a Holocaust nor a
Climate Change denier.

It is my impression that climate change science focuses on monthly, seasonal, and yearly temperature averages, in addition to other data, such as storm strength and storm damage. Because we experience weather one day at a time, however, rather than in monthly or seasonal averages, I thought it would be interesting to see how the temperatures for a single day per month in 1942 compare to the same day each month in 2016. Using the minimum and maximum temperature would give us a sense of the range of temperatures on a given day.

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